ZHU Uploads Complete, Mindblowing EDC Vegas 2020 Virtual Set

Insomniac brought EDC Vegas 2020 to the virtual screen this past weekend for three days and 52 artists worth of virtual programming on what would have been the festival’s original dates.

For those who showed up in person for the event, Insomniac had constructed two stages: Flower and Tunnel, with unique designs each. Others, like David Guetta or Afrojack, who couldn’t make it in person, rented out clubs to film in. Others still, like ZHU, went above and beyond and created a full audio-visual experience for viewers.

The 47-minute video is presented with an old VHS filter, with so many of the mannequins that he uses for his Blacklizt sets. Once shrounded in darkness on stage with a hat to keep his face hidden, ZHU now openly walks around during his set, fully embracing his vibe and the tone it sets for his music.

This was easily one of the best sets of the weekend, both audio-wise and visually. Check it out below in full.