Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Alba Smith

After more than twenty-five years at the helm electronic music, Swiss-Italian
legend EDX still manages to turn heads and move feet with each and every
production – his deft creativity and indubitable diversity in the studio making
him just as relevant now as he’s ever been.

Having released two crossover vocal singles already this year with ‘Off The Grid’ and ‘Who Cares’, both which continue to climb charts worldwide, the Grammy-nominated producer now delivers something entirely different, as he unveils his next epic creation, ‘Ubuntu’.

Out now and already a contender for one the biggest club tracks the year, ‘Ubuntu’ bears all the hallmarks an instant summer hit. Unrelenting tribal percussion dominates the opening two minutes, before an unmistakably catchy steel drum riff gradually enters into the fore. Placed front and center from there on in, EDX expertly layers the hypnotic central refrain with syncopated textures, captivating rhythms and extended breakdowns throughout, to deliver a truly sizzling Ibiza-inspired cut. Check out the single below!

Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor