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Addictedtoedm / Maria Rosa Flatt

The story of James Lillo and Eric Prydz is one that is both tragic but also heartwarming in its aftermath. If you are unfamiliar with the story, Lillo, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer wanted to see one final performance from his idol. He was a huge fan and dedicated member of the Eric Prydz subreddit community. Prydz planned to fly Lillo out for a personal concert but unfortunately, James passed away before the concert took place. Eric was absolutely devastated when he heard the news and he played two charity shows to celebrate his life.

Eric would eventually go on to make the iconic track ‘Lillo’ to honor James’ memory. He introduced the track on an episode of EPIC radio stating, “in the days leading up to these events that we did for James, I locked myself in the studio to write a lot of new music. This track that I’m going to play to you now is a track that I’ve dedicated to James Lillo. It was really nice to see that so many of you guys who were there when I played this track understood what this track was.

Lillo’s family have now gifted Prydz with a beautiful piece of stone that carries sprinkles of his ashes inside. They have requested that Eric take Lillo with him around the world to honor his memory, specifically referring to his lifelong dream to visit Australia. Prydz took to Twitter to confirm that he fully intends to honor their wishes.