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Datsik started Firepower Records many years ago. Soon his long time girlfriend Sharra Grace became co-owner and became head label operations. Today Firepower Records has released a statement in regards to the accusations against Datsik and cut ties with the artist entirely. Sharra will take over entirely as label boss in hopes keeping the project which has helped showcase many great artists over the years alive.

Their ficial statement reads as follows:

“To our Firepower Family,

Due to recent allegations, Datsik has stepped down from Firepower Records and will no longer have an active role within the label. All operations and creative direction for the label will be taken over by co-owner and Label Manager, Sharra Grace. Firepower does not tolerate sexual assault under any circumstances and we are utterly devastated by these statements that have come to light.

This label was started as a platform for new artists to be able to showcase their music and as a community where we can support one another in the dance space. Safety and equality are at the core our values, and we truly hope that we can continue to provide a positive environment for all our fans.

Much love,

Firepower Records”

Below you can find the original Facebook post the statement which was released about 30 minutes ago on Thursday, March 15.