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Addictedtoedm / Maria Rosa Flatt

HENRY FONG–releases his highly-anticipated second single f Thrive Music “On My Way” featuring Rome. 

As Fong’s second single on the established electronic music label – Thrive Music, “On My Way” fers a gateway into both Fong’s talent beyond the world EDM, as well as Thrive’s continuous adapting that has taken the label through decades success in dance music’s ever-changing landscape. With a sound that strays from Fong’s traditionally electronic music nucleus and taps into a blend pop and reggae, “On My Way” joins the ranks influential releases from Thrive Music’s impressive catalog.

Inspired by his residency in Los Angeles, the famously high-energy artist showcases a different side his talents with the release this quintessential SoCal summer track. With relatable lyrics influenced by Fong’s life in LA (“we can get stoned at the top the Hollywood Hills”) sung by beloved, Sublime-frontman Rome Henry Fong effortlessly transitions into a whole new sound; securing his place as one music’s up-and-coming, genre-bending prodigies. You can check out the single below!

Music Editor