Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Alba Smith

Following a mammoth 2019, Dutch electronic sensation Jay Hardway is back in full force with his first release 2020. Following his most recent success ‘Wild Mind’, Jay returns with ‘Operation Unicorn’, an electrifying addition to an ever growing discography.

Opening with an eccentric fast paced rhythm, Jay teases listeners with a preview what is to come on ‘Operation Unicorn’. Taking a dramatic turn, the track transforms into a dark, soulful tone. Enhanced by deep vocals and spiked by a digital high-pitched pulse, the dramatic backing chords build slowly to reveal an explosion electronic synth waves, changing the direction the track for the second time. Keeping the listeners on their toes across the track’s duration, Jay’s vibrant display electronic synths make for a dance ready tune that is destined to be played across dancefloors all over the globe. You can check it out below!

Words by Alba Smith
Music Editor