Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Louis Blanc

Pegboard Nerds are taking over Monstercat for #NERDWEEK, culminating in the release their forthcoming collaboration with Knife Party, “Harpoon.” But in the meantime, fans will be getting a new track from the duo each day. The week has started with the release their new single “Purple People Eater,” which aside from being a slight tongue twister, is an absolute banger.

If we’re talking about songs that push intensity and energy to the limit, this song should be on the shortlist. Blending a sort ominous, horror-esque vocal, a high-tempo beat and gargantuan synths gives the track plenty power behind the speakers; and the dubstep breakdown certainly does a lot to help, as well.

Check it out below!

Words by Louis Blanc
Music Editor