Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Arienne Milano

PLS&TY teams up with pop-culture icon Sean Kingston for his first 2020 single, “Very Special”.

This track is the first four singles included in his very first EP. It sets f his single’s release chain and leads the way for the rest his EP like a trailblazing fire. “Very Special” is an island-electro-hybrid that brings together the reminiscent vocals Sean Kingston and the “summery vibe” mix, signature to PLS&TY.

“Very Special” circulates on the audience’s feeling either remembering or creating very special memories. Sean Kingston’s vocals play a major role in this tropical vibe summer track that will definitely be a favorite the year. The track is a perfect mashup Future Bass and the island melodies that Sean Kingston never disappoints with. Make sure to check it out below! You will love it!

Music Editor