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Addictedtoedm / Byron Muir

I have been following electronic music for as long as I can remember. I have been attending shows and festivals for well over a decade. If I can say one thing about how I have seen dance music change, it is how incredibly decisive fans have become.

While this has created a community which debates, listenings critically and also work to find the absolute top up and coming artists, it can also create some preconceived notions that are not necessarily deserved.

Sometimes an artist who operates in the mainstream such as

user /u/Missjpham6 posed the question which artists proved our preconceived notions wrong, and the results were pretty surprising.

Big Room Artists Were A Common Theme

The Big Room sound has become a mainstay festival sets and chart-topping artists. For this reason, a lot fans apparently thought that artists like

Words by Byron Muir
Music Editor