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Update: SoundCloud reported they’ve been in touch with all the artists as quickly as the issues occurred. “Our copyright group has been working with affected creators for the reason that incident started.” SoundCloud additionally talked about that that they’re pleased to report that they’ve reinstated all affected content material.

The bass group, extra particularly the Riddim group, is watching some its greatest abilities get annihilated immediately as a rogue account has began to get dozens tracks pulled from the streaming platform. An account, identified solely as DR EGG, is submitting a litany copyright infringement tickets to Soundcloud. The streaming platform is pulling tons music from the likes Subtronics, Mastadon, Ubur, SVDDEN DEATH, Xaebor, and lots of extra with out query.

These disputes occur frequently on Soundcloud, however normally, the corporate is fast to rectify the errors.

The account, whose image is just that Dr. Robotnik from the Sonic The Hedgehog collection is leaving angsty and weird feedback on many the producers which have been victims the assault.

We hope that the music is restored and this account might be banned, or else Soundcloud might lastly have misplaced the assist from one its most strongest communities.

Rogue SoundCloud User Gets Dozens Of Riddim Producer's Tracks Wrongfully Taken Down