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Addictedtoedm / Louis Blanc

Snap is back with the reveal of their new Spectacles 3 sunglasses. Snap Inc., the maker of Snapchat, has added brand new features that will run consumers a pretty penny. These features include a brand new fashionable look, two HD cameras, and the ability to record in 3D. The limited release of Spectacles 3 is available to preorder now at $380 a pop, and they’ll be hitting the market in November.

Snap Unveils Stylishly Expensive Spectacles 3 Sunglasses - EDMTunes

Last year’s model only costed $150, making Spectacles 3 a little more than double on sticker price. Featuring a brand new sleek design, Spectacles 3 features a second HD camera that allows for 3D depth video recording. Having two cameras allows wearers to add 3D filters in augmented reality, create 3D snaps, and 3D viewing. Crafted from a single sheet of lightweight stainless steel, these shades are available in two colors: Carbon (black) and Mineral (white beige gold). Each pair of shades will also come with a nifty rechargeable full-grain leather case.

Snap Unveils Stylishly Expensive Spectacles 3 Sunglasses - EDMTunes

Designed for capturing hands-free content, Spectacles 3 would be a great option to have anywhere, anytime. With a hefty price point set on this new generation of Spectacles, Snap is definitely aiming for the luxury crowd. Previous models have internal storage of 4GB and can store up to 150 videos or 3,000 photos. Unlike their predecessors, Spectacles 3 will not be water-resistant. Can you see yourself dishing out $380 for a fancy pair of Spectacles 3? Head over to to preorder now!

Words by Louis Blanc
Music Editor