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Ultra Music Festival reported their 2019 initiative avoided the use 526,000 single-use plastic items and diverted 60,360 pounds waste from landfills. 31% the waste created during the festival was recycled or composted and 100% recycling loads were accepted by the local facility. Further sustainability initiatives included the implementation a Leave No Trace policy, a recycling and composting program, increased free water refill stations to further reduce plastic water bottles and the banning single-use plastic straws, cups, food packaging and cutlery. Local environmental organizations, Surfrider Miami and Debris Free Oceans collaborated on an unbiased, third-party report card detailing Ultra’s achievements and key learnings, giving the festival an overall first-year sustainability grade an ‘A’.

It’s wonderful to see music festivals around the United States becoming environmentally conscious and responsible for the waste produced by their large festival productions in a time that recycling and environmental education is imperative. Ultra Music Festival follows suit with other leading music festivals and entertainment companies such as Lightning In A Bottle and Live Nation who are also very committed to reducing waste and creating a litter free festival environment. Hopefully we will see this commitment to environmental sustainability throughout Ultra Festivals worldwide. 

Ultra Music Festival Continues Commitment To Environmental Sustainability Efforts

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