Tune in and turn up
Addictedtoedm / Maria Rosa Flatt

Spending a weekend in New York City is always a pleasure, with such a budding electronic music scene in clubs, warehouses and underground venues across the city. This weekend, we were in for a special treat as the Desert Hearts crew paid a visit for a night with Teksupport.

Though the night started with a bit of a hiccup – the event was originally supposed to be at the 99 Scott warehouse, but was changed last-minute due to a burst pipe. I haven’t been to 99 Scott yet, but their new venue was an eclectic space that may have been an old community center or YMCA – we weren’t really sure, but we enjoyed exploring the many spaces it had to offer. The giant ballroom was filled with stacks of lasers that framed the dancefloor and DJ booth, reminding us much of the DH dancefloor light shows we all know and love.

The lineup this time around was not only the original crew of Mikey Lion, Lee Reynolds, Marbs and Porky – it included Doc Martin as well, which was a great twist to an already-great roster. Mikey and Doc played b2b for 3 hours at the peak of the night, and it was arguably one of the best sets I’ve seen from them both. They balanced each other’s sounds out incredibly well, and I was beyond content with seeing a different side of them both. The opening set from Lee b2b Porky and the dark techno vibes that hit the 3am window by Marbs didn’t disappoint either—par for course.

The crowd, the vibes, the tunes – the combination of all elements that were brought together for this night had us feeling like we were momentarily back at Los Coyotes on that dusty dancefloor at Desert Hearts. We left in the early hours of the morning, watching the sun rise and feeling ambitiously ready to return to Desert Hearts Festival in just a few months…

Until next time Desert Hearts – as always, what a pleasure.