Andrea Chahayed reveals her cathartic new EP ‘Later, Now’

Andrea Chahayed has returned to the scene with her debut EP offering Later, Now. Brimming with creative energy, the emerging singer-songwriter encapsulates her passion for art and music into a realm of her own. With humbling resonance and contagious melodies, her authenticity shines brightly, as it infiltrates every second of her latest offering.

In an ode to the experiences felt throughout the pandemic, Chahayed explores a new era of musicality. Delving into discourses of nostalgia, loss, and anxiety, she unites her own perspectives with emotive encapsulations to create an ethereal listening experience. She shares, “In my debut EP, “Later, Now”, you can peer into the most vulnerable corners of my world and grow with me as I’ve grown in my search for newfound happiness during the most transitional period of my young adult life. Through themes of nostalgia, anxiety, loss, and change, I touch on the paralyzing state of being wedged between wanting things to go back to the way they once were and the fear of change in what the future might bring.”

In a transformative kaleidoscope of sound, Later, Now comes to life. Amongst sweeping rhythms and echoic vocals, undercurrents of hope weave their way into this mesmerising six-track offering. She continues, “It is these intimate moments and life lessons, now collected into a sonically diverse and lyrically vulnerable body of work, that have allowed me to truly grow into the person I am today. I brought together some of my closest friends and collaborators to help bring this EP into fruition and took inspiration from some of my childhood musical heroes such as Froufrou and Björk.”

Needless to say, Chahayed proves both her lyrical and sonic abilities are simply boundaryless. With unwavering catharsis and engaging chronicles, her infectious pop tunes come to life.

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