Aqyila ushers in a new era of self-love with empowering single “Hello”

Sony Music Canada is excited to declare the release of Aqyila‘s inspiring new single “Hello,” where the R&B songstress guides listeners on self-discovery and growth. This uplifting track showcases Aqyila’s unique talent for blending introspective lyrics with infectious melodies, resulting in a song that resonates deeply with those seeking positive change.

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In “Hello,” Aqyila shares her experience of embracing self-love, letting go of the past, and welcoming a brighter future. The Toronto-based singer’s captivating harmonies and soulful rhythms make for an unforgettable listening experience as she invites fans to join her in saying “Hello” to the greater things in life.

Aqyila is unapologetically passionate about her journey as she continues to challenge herself and evolve through her music. She shares, “With every song, I’d like to feel like I’m evolving when I create. I haven’t created something like this before & I’m so glad that it’s resonating with so many people just from the quick snippet alone.”

“Hello” serves as a preview of what’s to come, as Aqyila prepares to release her highly anticipated debut EP ‘For The Better.’ With her powerful vocals and authentic storytelling, Aqyila is poised to make waves in the R&B scene. She inspires listeners to embrace self-love and welcome positive change into their lives.

Listen to “Hello” now on all major streaming platforms and stay tuned for Aqyila’s debut EP ‘For The Better,’ coming soon.

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