Ari Joshua shares his latest single, “Dragons Layer”

Ari Joshua released his latest self-produced single, “Dragons Layer.” This track features the exceptional talents of John Medeski on keys and Billy Martin on drums from MMW (Medeski, Martin, & Wood), along with the rhythmic expertise of Jason Fraticelli on bass from Cyro Baptista and the unique style of Matisyahu.

“Dragons Layer” is a combined genius of these well-known musicians; Ari Joshua has crafted a composition that takes listeners on a mesmerizing journey, blending elements of jazz, rock, and undefinable magic that only he can conjure.

As Halloween approaches, “Dragons Layer” emerges as a spooky and haunting anthem, perfectly timed to captivate audiences with its mystical allure. The synergy between Joshua, Medeski, Martin, Fraticelli, and Matisyahu creates an otherworldly experience that will leave listeners spellbound.

Ari Joshua’s signature guitar work blends seamlessly with the masterful keys, drums, and bass, creating an intricate tapestry of sound that defies expectations. “Dragons Layer” demonstrates extraordinary musicians’ boundless creativity and collaborative spirit. From the haunting melodies to the explosive crescendos, every moment is a revelation, showcasing the power of artistic synergy.

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