Camille Schmidt’s “Your Game” is a stunning debut

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Camille Schmidt has just unveiled her debut EP Good Person. The six song collection is a captivating listen, showcasing her talent as both a musician and a storyteller. The highlight of the EP is the indie folk pop single “Your Game”, which is also the opening track.

With “Your Game”, Camille Schmidt pens an autobiographical narrative about her own complicity. There is a saying that we teach people how we want them to treat us and many times we play our own part in being led on, used or abused in a relationship. Lyrics including, “You don’t really want to date me / You would rather inflate me / like a life raft / I can’t play your games / when you make the rules / yea I’m a hypocrite,” show that she is aware of how she is being mistreated but she is struggling in how to stop it. The illustrious track sonically is upbeat fusing breezy folk textured guitars with a sing-a-long worthy pop-laden hook. Musically, the joyful beat contrasts with the darker narrative and lyrics that are seeped with a bit of anger. Camille teamed up with powerhouse producer Phil Weinrobe (Adrianne Lenker, Tomberlin) and their effortless creative chemistry shines through in every note.

Camille Schmidt is known for her honesty and vulnerability in her songwriting that resonates with listeners on a deeply personal level. On her new EP, she and her producer took a novel approach to recording, with the artist not sharing any songs with the band beforehand and not even creating a track list for the EP. The result was her playing and recording whatever songs felt most important to her that day, resulting in a raw and authentic sound that is rarely heard in today’s overproduced musical landscape. Take a listen to “Your Game” now and let the song be the soundtrack to your summer.

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