Cash Cash team up Taylor Dayne for a dance-pop take of her hit “Tell It To My Heart”

Multi-platinum trio Cash Cash team up with iconic act Taylor Dayne to deliver a fresh take on her 1987 debut single and biggest hit “Tell It To My Heart,” transforming it into modern dance-pop anthem brimming with textured beats and warm instrumentation that has us grooving along.

With soaring yet sultry vocals that float effortlessly over a luscious soundscape, the track pulls on the instantly catchy feel of the original bolstering the already robust production with more complexity and layers.

Consisting of brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf and Alex Makhlouf, as well as life-long friend Samuel Frisch, Cash Cash who have seen massive success with their slew of single releases in recent years, deliver an immersive  anthem once again with this latest track, elevated by the infusion with Dayne’s hook-laden musicality to make for a summery, sugary sweet melody that has you craving for more.

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