Classixx has to make “One More Song” with Roosevelt again

LA-based duo Classixx coming together with Germany’s Roosevelt is a pairing that maybe hadn’t crossed your mind, but now it’s something you’ll always crave. Their catalogs both laden with summery nu-disco and synth pop grooves, Classixx and Roosevelt have styles that could have been separated at birth. “One More Song” features Classixx’s swirling vintage disco tendencies perfectly blended with Roosevelt’s breezy hypnotic influence for a new single. It’s the ultimate jolt of feel-good energy that many of us could use right now.

“One More Song” seems to hint at looking back on, or running back to, a former love. Lyrics like “nobody will ever feel what we had” and “we can find a way for one more song” convey that idea of nostalgic love. Musically, the song has a classic and uplifting 70s or 80s disco feel to it. Soaring synths and bright instrumentation make for a vibing party behind Roosevelt’s easy-going vocals.

On Bandcamp, Classixx mentions bassist Louis Johnson of Brothers Johnson as inspiration. Johnson worked with a lot of artists, including Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, and Michael McDonald. In addition to their inspired funky live bass line, the duo goes on to point out compressed drums and their Juno 106 used to complete “One More Song.” Look for it out now on Innovative Leisure.

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