Connecticut vocalist Ray Vans checks in with his engaging new single, "with you i know i'm okay"

Life is a revolving door of experiences that help to define parts of who we are. Similarly, people can often serve as the vessels to these experiences, forever tying those things with the people you experienced them with, bad or good. Hailing from Connecticut, rising crooner Ray Vans tends to focus on the latter, identifying the good times and who exactly was present for them. Turning this notion into his new single, he checks in with, “with you i know i’m okay.”

Set to the tone of ambitious electric guitar melodies and a steady drumbeat, most of what makes, “with you i know i’m okay,” so infectious falls squarely on the shoulders of Ray. Utilizing his incredible vocal range, he belts relatable lyrics over production perfectly set up for him to succeed. Speaking about an experience he had taking psychedelics with his girlfriend in the woods of New Hampshire, which culminated in a beautiful experience that seemingly brought them closer together and resulted in this single. Combining the heart-warming story with the infectiousness of the record and it’s easy to see a way in which this song reaches further into the masses.

Take a listen to the record below and get familiar with Ray Vans.

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