Cosmorat deliver a restless rumination on “No Sleep”

London-based US indie-pop outfit Cosmorat are set to reflect on anxieties, boredom, and despairon forthcoming debut EP Evil Adjacent, starting with the bright stylings of latest single “No Sleep.”

Led by soaring vocals that float over enchanting sonics, the track sees Cosmorat continue to push the boundaries of their indie-pop aesthetic as a vibrant tone balances out a restless ruminations on a loved one struggling with mental illness and addiction.

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Speaking of the track, Taylor Pollack explains, “I wrote this one night after a harrowing phone call with my mom about someone really close to us. Sometimes, since moving away from home, I am feeling like I am missing out on important life events from my family. Often, when I am feeling helpless and far away, I stay up all night thinking about the worst possible outcomes and how I can’t immediately be at home and help.”

Exploring anxious thoughts within intricately looped melodies and choral arrangements, the track gives us a peek of the vulnerable and intimate themes ofgirlhood, abusive relationships, social anxieties, and loving those that can’t love you backthatEvil Adjacentis set to bring to life.

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