Danny Schiller shares vivid EP, ‘Hasta La Dorada’

24-year-old Spanish-American artist Danny Schiller has shared a fresh new EP called Hasta La Dorada, which includes 8 songs written with a delicate intricacy to produce a vivid, genre-bending sound. The young musician continues his prolific release schedule with the project, the EP flows naturally as each new track enhances the narrative of Danny’s journey, which he mainly wrote during his travels to Spain and Mexico where he worked with renowned producers including Baird (BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin Abstract, Dominic Fike), Gabe Acheson (Goldwash, Kevin Abstract), and Roy Borland (Sebastián Cortés, daniel sabater). A poignant, heartfelt set of 8 tracks, Hasta La Dorada showcases Schiller’s versatility as he draws influences from latin pop, R&B, and more.

After the lush, orchestral title track opener sets a grand, uplifting tone, the infectious “10, 5” drops in with airy acoustic guitars and a mellow, lo-fi rhythm section underscoring Schiller’s emotive, sharply-crafted vocals. “two eyes” follows next with a feel good track that remains captivating throughout with its atmospheric sound and focused, vivid songwriting. The dream-like, smoky “for good”, featuring rising mexican artist RENEE, provides a project highlight. In this sultry indie ballad, Danny Schiller and RENEE pay tribute to iconic boleros from the past by referencing lyrics from “Dos Gardenias”, “El Reloj”, “Bésame Mucho”, and more. Regarding the song, Schiller says, ‘my main goal with “For Good” was to create something that could be nostalgic enough for listeners who know and love boleros, yet fresh enough to attract those who aren’t as familiar with the genre”.

On the EP, Danny adds, “the title ‘Hasta La Dorada’ is a reference to a quote from the book “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In the book, the main character tells a boat captain that they will continue sailing “hasta la dorada”. While their final destination is unknown, this boat journey they will take represents an eternal love between the two main characters. I use this quote to express that my project is just the start of my long journey in music. While the destination is unknown, I am in love with the process of growing and exploring through music and will continue to do so “hasta la dorada”. <3”

Danny Schiller grew up between Barcelona and Chicago and feels intrinsically connected to both of his backgrounds. Schiller’s international art is the middle ground between different countries, cultures and musical styles. By combining sounds and stylings from latin pop and R&B, and fluently navigating between Spanish and English, Danny manages to be a bridge between different worlds through his music.

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