Dayaway explores love you couldn’t have on “I wish”

Dreamy indie-pop act Dayaway drops “i wish,” a heavenly blend of beachy new wave and hazy dream pop diving into pining for a love you couldn’t have. Led by hazy guitars, dusty drums, and wavy, psychedelic synths, the lush production arrives with an easy-going, summery shimmer that hides away playfulness, ferocity and vulnerability in its folds.

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Taken from their sophomore EP blue summer moon, set to offer up tales of love and loss, we’re given a glimpse of heartbreak in this earworm number. The track is accompanied by a cinematic and ambient music video that adds to angsty but charming feel of the track.

Speaking of the track, they say, “‘i wish’ is about being down bad for someone you can’t have. It’s super playful, but it’s also an angry fist-shake-to-the-sky kind of song. You’re mad at yourself and you’re mad at the person you’ve fallen for and you’re mad at the circumstances. Most of the time, you can’t control who you love or when, so this song tackles the frustration of that experience.”

The project of Amber Renee and Graham Marsh of CLAVVS, Dayaway arrives with plenty of pop sunshine with a side of emotion that we can sink into.

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