Dutch Criminal Record share breezy single, “Oat Milk”

Brighton’s indie trio Dutch Criminal Record is making waves once again with their latest vibrant single, “Oat Milk,” a tantalising glimpse into their upcoming EP, Apathy Mixtape.

After selling out UK shows and touring Europe, the band has been on a meteoric rise, earning radio play from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 6 Music, and Radio X. The trio’s infectious indie-surf style takes an exciting twist in “Oat Milk,” where they seamlessly fuse their signature breezy sound with a touch of shoegaze allure. Reverb-soaked guitars, punchy drums, and an intense lead vocal create an exhilarating, refreshing burst of sound.

Lead vocalist Joe Delaney-Stone shares that “Oat Milk” draws inspiration from shoegaze legends like My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, while lyrically addressing the absurdity of blaming societal issues on dietary choices. Dutch Criminal Record’s journey has been dotted with achievements, including a European tour with Sea Girls and appearances at festivals like SXSW and Ynot Festival. As they gear up for the Apathy Mixtape release, the trio continues to captivate with their unique blend of indie charm and innovative soundscapes.

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