Hope Tala goes “Crazy” [Video]

London’s Hope Tala is just getting started. 2019’s Sensitive Soul EP (which included the breakout “Lovestained”) put the songstress on the map, leaving fans waiting impatiently for a follow-up. Back in September, Tala announced her third EP, Girl Eats Sun coupled with the release of leading single “All My Girls Like to Fight.” Now, the rising multi-instrumentalist is back with a new track, titled “Crazy.” 

“Crazy” weaves together the atmospheric soundscape of alternative R&B with lofi sensibilities. The lophiile-produced song opens up with a jazzy piano instrumental which leads seamlessly into the first verse. Tala has a knack for crafting catchy hooks, and the chorus on “Crazy” is no different. As she sings, “You could go, go, go crazy,” the earworm melody sticks around for hours.

Speaking further on the single, Tala says, “The lyric of the chorus has a double meaning – it’s about telling someone they can go crazy and have a good time on the dancefloor, but also that you can tell that they like you and it’s all good because the feelings are reciprocated – they don’t need to hold back, they can go ‘Crazy’.”

Tala also shared a stripped-down live performance of “Crazy” on YouTube. 

The Girl Eats Sun EP is slated for release on October 30th via Republic Records

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