JAiRUS warmly invites us to keep on keeping on with the single “My Way”

Typically, tunes that are meant to inspire audiences to push through the pressures of life are designed around rousing rhythms or electrifying sounds. But on his soothing new single “My Way”, classically trained vocalist JAiRUS stirs up quiet waves in our spirits while also prompting us to pursue that which we desire most.

Having imagery and pacing down pat, the Washington DC native (who now calls “The City of Angels” his new home) seems to walk on air as he talks about traveling through metaphorical deserts under an unforgiving sun on his strenuous pursuit to achieve his goals. We aren’t prodded into action by bright instruments or infectious ambition hyper-fueled by bravado. Instead, our leading man offers us soothing counsel over an unhurried groove as laid out by producer Shank. The young singer gives off an air of sage conviction that seems somewhat at odds with his reality of being a 21-year-old musician trying to get out his dreams.

Throughout  “My Way” it is near impossible to ignore the many biblical references – particularly the Book of Exodus – that populate JAiRUS’ lyrics. Yet, he somehow manages to avoid making religion a central focus of the song. The story of struggling against/triumphing over oppressive forces may be treated as sacrosanct, but it’s really a lesson that is universal to all people from all faiths and creeds. Each note and each harmony of “My Way” is performed in service of the mood-lifting theme and laid-back energy of the song. Even the earth-toned impressionism of the single’s cover art creates an easing sense of reassurance.

On the whole, this latest single from JAiRUS is a beautiful follow up to Fallin’ “ – an equally poignant number by the singer-songwriter that was released earlier this year – and showcases a young talent with a lot to offer soul music fans.

You can listen to “My Way” now on all streaming services.

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