Jamws pens a letter to his ex on “How’s LA?”

Rising singer-songwriter Jamws pens a letter to his ex on “How’s LA?” taken from his debut album Soft. Led by a smooth blend of catchy drums, groovy basslines and warm guitars, the track delves into the theme of separation with an emotive and nostalgic feel.

Rooted in his trademark dreamy yet high-energy pop stylings, the track comes to life with thoughtful lyricism that have a free-flowing, stream of consciousness feel to it, with his intimate vocals lending to the ethereal melody and poetic yet vulnerable message of yearning and bitterness that comes from being separated from someone we loved.

Inspired by his own experiences, the heartfelt track balances expressing the hurt of a breakup while maintaining an infectious musicality throughout.

Having gained success and love for his brand of straight from the heart, luscious pop music, Jamws continues to turn up the anticipation for his forthcoming album with each new production.

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