Kate Yeager dives into self-acceptance on “Edit”

New York-born, Nashville-based independent singer/songwriter Kate Yeager follows the success of her body-positivity anthem “Fat,” with a stirring new single, “Edit,” delivering a  poignant exploration of self-acceptance and the journey to authenticity, especially for young queer people.

The track is accompanied by a cinematicPrincess Diaries-esque music video, that was brought to life by a queer woman-led video team. “Edit” comes just in time for pride month, encouraging listeners to challenge societal norms and celebrate individuality.

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Speaking of the track, Yeager says, “I feel like the qualifier for a pride song is generally about self acceptance and living your truth. But I feel like it often gets lost that it takes a while to get there.This isn’t about the destination. It’s about the journey. It’s about feeling the pressure to mute certain parts of yourself. To be less gay, less queer, to make yourself more palatable for other people. This song is the painful the realization that people don’t get the full you when you make changes to yourself for their happiness.”

Rooted in her catchy indie pop signature, the track gives us a glimpse of her forthcoming EP Before the Lights Go Out, which is set to dive into themes of vulnerability, love, and self-discover, framed by her brand of introspection and enchantment.

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