Ken Anthony explores depression with depth on Emotions”

Passionate musician Ken Anthony delivers powerful track “Emotions,” navigating a slew of feelings with a reflective stance. Opening on a soft note with mournful guitar melodies meeting minimal percussion, the track is rooted in the sheer power of his steady vocal lines.

Allowing hardships of the living filter into a sonic narration, the song writing takes on a confessional quality framed by intense expressiveness. The careful instrumental arrangement adds to the inherent heft of the word choice, which takes on the quality of internal monologues.

Heightening the idea of struggle, of wondering whether to reach out or if he is too far gone, Anthony draws angst from within himself and his struggles a sense of self-worth.

A vulnerable and visceral exploration that highlights how difficult it can be to rely solely on oneself, especially during a depressive episode, the track sprinkles moments of fleeting hope into crushing uncertainty that takes over him.

Having struggled with expressing himself and dealing with depression, Ken Anthony who found solace in music, has reclaimed his power to heal and move forward as he imbues the same empowerment in others.

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