Kim Swim shares new single “Skin like Rose”

DJ, producer, and musician Da-Eun Kim‘s new nom de plume Kim Swim sees the emerging electronic artist bending the rules and breaking the mould with her non-conformist style. The Seoul, South Korea-born artist grew up in Berlin, Germany, and studied law for some years before committing herself to her first passion, music. 

After garnering attention and prestige as a DJ, Kim Swim has now taken the next step by gifting the world with her music to accompany her spellbinding sets. Her debut self-produced single titled “Skin like Rose” is a potpourri of sounds inspired by the rage-fuelled energy of breakbeats, the frenzies of obscure sultry vocal samples, the moodiness of dark electronic pop with a dash of acid and tech. There is so much to unpack as you hit the play button, wherein the hypnotic drum quickly rises to a plateau alongside fast-paced staccato vocals. 

The fun continues as she blends playful vocal chants with cinematic textures and brings in new elements ranging from plucky synths, looped vocal samples, and industrial tech sounds.

Kim Swim explains the rationale behind “Skin Like Rose” is her breaking conservative barriers and leaving listeners with a mix of emotions that run the gamut between confusion and an unexplainable thrill.

As a DJ, Kim Swim has played in prestigious spots such as RADION in Amsterdam, Modular in Cape Town, Defected Basement in London and Noh in Istanbul. She is also known in her stomping grounds in Berlin around venues such as RSO, Funkhaus, HÖR and Watergate.

Watch her live performance on HÖR below

Stream “Skin like Rose” on all DSPs here.