KOALRA shares their dark and epic album ‘Disasterclass’ [album]

KOALRA, a band from Portland that plays indie rock music, released their newest album, “Disasterclass.” The band has changed their sound a lot since they first started, and their music is now a mix of different styles and ideas.

“Disasterclass” has 10 songs that are 42 minutes and 7 seconds long. It’s a fascinating and unique album that combines many different influences. The first song on the album is called “Move.” It has a beat that makes you want to dance. It’s a great introduction to the rest of the album.

The album’s title and some lyrics show that the band cares about social and political issues. They want to make music that means something to people. Their last album was called “Nihilism and Analog Tape.” It had a sad and noisy sound and some fun and upbeat parts. People liked the song “Center of the World” from that album.

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