Ley Soul channels the neo-soul greats on “Intergalactic Janet”

Some art forms are so pure that they transcend generational gaps. The art of neo-soul is one that is typically reserved for the revered greats of the genre; Erykah Badu, D’Angelo, Jill Scott, etc. But every now and then, an artist comes along that just has it. 19-year-old, Chicago-based artist Ley Soul has it, and has it in droves.

Her debut single, “Intergalactic Janet” clearly channels the nearly untouchable highs of Badu with a beat heavily reminiscent of “Didn’t Cha Know”. But the most notable tangent to Badu is not the beat, but the voice. Eminently soulful, with an incredible vocal range, Ley transforms what would be just a simple neo-soul type beat into a colorful, jazzy soundscape that is just as powerful in 2024 as it would’ve been in 2000. Radiating a commanding and eloquent vocal presence, Soul’s cosmic vocals just reverberate to your soul and don’t let go.

Already accumulating a considerable following for her snippets on TikTok, Ley Soul has that soulful voice and swagger that you cannot fake or recreate. Be sure to tune into her going forward as she seeks to become the herald of a new era of heavenly soulful vocals.

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