“Little Spaceships” from Lipstereo is a garage rock anthem that is free-spirited [Video]

Lipstereo is a Melbourne-based band that combines their rich history growing up on classic rock VHS tapes with their modern day love for the garage rock movement. Their single “Little Spaceships” encompasses emotions of alienation and being left behind by friends consumed by grandeur, while simultaneously expressing nostalgia for loved ones who’ve passed on.

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“Little Spaceships” blends decadent undertones of heavy bass, sharp guitar riffs, and mesmerizing vocals from lead singer Sam Stranges. Stranges is unfiltered, raw, and risky as he closes the single with a heart-heavy outcry. He proclaims, “All directions haunted by mistakes – I hit the gas, I should have hit the brakes.” The music video is an authentic outtake of Lipstereo’s day to day life as the story follows the band from studio to stage. They’re pictured shooting pool in a backyard, headbanging down the highway, and brainstorming big dreams together around a white board. “Little Spaceships” is a blunt and genuine look at reality through Lipstereo’s lens as they lament on the people who’ve passed them by while still keeping their heads held high.

Lipstereo is known throughout Melbourne for their thrilling live performances. “Little Spaceships” comes from their debut EP Modern Mythology, produced by the acclaimed Mark Opitz (INXS, AC/DC, The Angels). With a shared love of garage rock and music history, Lipstereo pulls from a deep expanse of influences.

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