Loupe release fanciful single ‘It’s Getting Wild Getting Older’

Hailing from Amsterdam, four-piece indie rock outfit Loupe have revealed a new single, “It’s Getting Wild Getting Older”. Loupe have managed to build support through Dutch press and radio alongside earning a reputation as a notable stage act, playing shows and festivals across Europe.

Across the track we see the band bring intricate guitar lines, warm bass-lines and tight drums, and some creative use of electronics. This creates a colourful instrumental for the soaring and catchy lead vocals to sit on. The track feels like a pretty mist while keeping the essential elements clear and atmospheric as it explores themes of young adulthood and relationships.

Speaking about the new single, Loupe share: “It’s Getting Wild Getting Older is about how you can find yourself ending up somewhere thinking; Is this it? It’s about feeling really small in this big universe and wondering why and what it is we are here for”

With this single released in anticipation for their debut album ‘Do You Ever Wonder What Comes Next?’, the band are once again teasing the dreamlike and compelling songwriting we can hope to see on the project in the near future.

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