Love Power the Band unveils the magical “Hare Hare Dance”

Love Power the Band is back with a new song called “Hare Hare Dance” that’ll definitely get your feet movin’ and your soul soarin’. Led by Ananda Xenia Shakti, the former lead singer of B-Girls, the band tapped into the spiritual vibe of Vrindavan, India where the tales of Radha and Krishna echo in the holy streets and fusing an ancient Krishna chant with a groovy modern beat “Hare Hare Dance” celebrates Bhakti yoga – singing, dancing, and sharing art to spread divine love and joy.

Recorded during Anandas birthday party on Krishna’s birthday – how cosmic! – the track pulses with the vibrant energy of Vrindavan. Ananda describes the sesh as straight-up magical and smooth as butter – no surprise considering how seamlessly “Hare Hare Dance” blends old and new.

With its catchy rhythm, soulful vocals and feel-good vibe, the song is a journey to spiritual connectedness. It reminds us that music unites us to our roots while inspiring us to embrace life’s beauty, dance like no one’s watching, and spread more love.

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