Marlowe share the “Last Reserve” off Mello Music’s new compilation album ‘Omakase’

Mello Music is preparing to drop their forthcoming compilation album Omakase, but in the meantime, they pepper our taste buds with this solid offering “Last Reserve” from Marlowe. The rap duo made up of eclectic L’Orange and rap prodigy Solemn Brigham, have made their bones with their brand of alternative, hard-hitting and reflective collaborations and this new song continues the magic between the two. Bolstered by L’Orange’s ominous soundscape made up of rich guitar plucks, moody pads and punchy drum grooves, Solemn goes for the proverbial jugular with his distinct lyrical schemes and commanding flow. He reflects on the life-changing events and the never-ending grind we often fall into and he sums it up with the lines “We done left the break too soon/Slither few snakes in the room/Bring a new taste for the move/ Too busy with the chase to see the view.

Mello Music Group presents Omakase, a musical journey inspired by the essence of the Japanese phrase often used in fine sushi restaurants, meaning to trust the chef’s hand. In this context, it signifies entrusting someone dedicated to their passion to guide you through a captivating experience. With this collection of original tracks, Mello Music Group invites you to embrace the concept of Omakase. The new album features original music by Chris Keys, Yungmorpheus, Denmark Vessey, Marlowe, Paradime, Apollo Brown, Magna Carda, Kamaal Williams, L’Orange, Namir Blade, Stalley, Raheem DeVaughnn and more. “Omakase” is the most expansive, personal, and distinctive album yet—a sonic feast encompassing a myriad of flavours. Trust in the experience. Omakase everything

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