Neon Valley explores synth-pop bliss on powerful single “One Night”

Neon Valley, the mysterious French artist known for his enchanting blend of nostalgia and modernity, is gearing up to unveil his latest creation, “One Night”. Following two successful singles under the renowned KIDinaKORNER label and the recent hit “Fortune Cookie”, Neon Valley, alias Deji Siegert, returns with another mesmerising piece.

Immersing audiences in the essence of late-night musings, “One Night” captures the heartbeat of the 80s synth-pop era. Neon Valley’s home studio serves as the birthplace of each track, where he masterfully combines the allure of yesteryear with a contemporary twist. The artist’s evocative storytelling unfolds in the lyrics, exploring themes of regret and loneliness.

This synth-pop gem is a sonic journey through a labyrinth of emotions, showcasing Neon Valley’s storytelling. “One Night” is a testament to his ability to seamlessly merge retro vibes with modern production techniques, crafting a timeless musical landscape. 

Neon Valley explains, “‘One Night’ is a synth pop song driven by synthesisers, electric guitars and gated reverb drums that draws inspiration from the 80s. The lyrics touch on themes of regrets and loneliness.

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