PLS&TY delivers addictive dance anthem “Your Love”

Florida native PLS&TY delivers addictive dance anthem “Your Love,” featuring a seamless blend of tech and deep house with touches of tribal music, led by a unique mix of Swahili and English vocals. Featuring ethereal performance by Kenyan singer Sofiya Nzau, the sultry number is sure to ignite your heart and getting you dancing along.

Unveiling PLS&TY’s diverse production prowess the stunning production rides on deep basslines and danceable melodies pushing into new and unexpected sonic styles from the rising talent.

Speaking of the track which has quickly followed EP 3 Days, 2 Nights, he says “The ‘3 Days, 2 Nights’ project reignited a fire within that had been, admittedly, waning, and stands on new ground for the PLS&TY sound moving forward. I also believe that with ‘3 Days, 2 Nights,’ listeners caught a glimpse that the PLS&TY sound will no longer be confined by any one genre or style. Now, ‘Your Love’ kickstarts a new chapter of the post-EP dose of music that entails primarily club & DJ-set-focused material.”

An emerging act who has built a fanbase with his carefully crafted mix if languid bass, captivating vocals and upbeat musicality, Tommy Leas has carved a space for in the electronic dance music scene. Now with the global appeal of his latest offering, he is all set to kickstart a new chapter in his sonic journey.

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