Sam Silver shares bittersweet exploration of out of reach dreams on “Hold On To You”

NYC-hailing DJ/Producer Sam Silver shares bittersweet exploration of dreams that are out of reach on “Hold On To You,”  led by an emotive yet vivid soundscape.

With poignant lyrics juxtaposed against a vibrant UK garage musicality, the track is energetic even as it weaves through themes of yearning, crafted from the perspective of someone who is new to the world of relationships.

Encapsulating the intense feelings of dreams and desires, Silver’s latest offering is melancholic yet hopeful as it acknowledges the reality of a relationship that won’t work out, while still accepting and celebrating the emotional connection. Led by a bold bass line and stuttering vocals, the sonics mirror the emotional journey of love.

Speaking of the track, he says “”Hold On To You” is about navigating through the complexities of love, in a world full of uncertainty. The way the song unfolds is really representative of my approach to production, where I’m trying to tell a story line with beats, samples, and melodies, with the goal of having the listener understand the storyline that played out in my head as I was making it.”

With the next few releases set to be a  combination of stutter house with vocal chops, Garage, DnB and House, Silver continues to set himself up a genre-diverse talent who is on an upward trajectory.

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