SILYLA ignites dance floors with garage-pop anthem “Party On The Weekend”

Rising UK artist SILYLA ignites dance floors worldwide with her latest single, “Party on the Weekend”, out now on Outer Voice Records.

SILYLA seamlessly blends pop music with UKG infusions and R&B, offering a nostalgic yet contemporary anthem whilst showcasing her eclectic musical influences and compelling storytelling abilities. On this latest track, “Party on the Weekend” is a poignant reflection on loneliness and the desire to escape through partying, encapsulating the bittersweet essence of youth and self-discovery.

Speaking on the contrasting sadness juxtaposed with the uplifting energy of the song SILYLA says, “It’s about partying your sadness away. Choosing to ignore your feelings about that person you’ve drifted from, or whether you are making the right choices in life. At this time my producer and I were temporarily living in the middle of nowhere in a small country town in the UK. It made me miss the city. I missed getting drunk with my friends and running around Manchester or London. The time where nothing else matters but being in the moment. All of that led me to start writing about how lonely and far away from people I felt, BUT as it always goes, we were writing a BOP and even though the reality of the song is sad, it’s one for the dance floor.”

Despite its melancholic undertones, “Party on the Weekend” is made with the dance floor in mind and a cure for those who can relate to life’s complexities and use clubbing as a form of therapy to let go and unwind. Exploring realms of “future pop,” SILYLA continues to refine her unique sound, often compared to the likes of Pinpanthress, Kenya Grace and Piri in her songwriting, production and versatile sonic exploration.

With each release building upon the last, both narratively and sonically like critically acclaimed singles “C’est La Vie” ‘Home Alone’ and “Pink Lemonade”, SILYLA is poised to make a significant impact on the music scene in 2024.

SILYLA “Party on the Weekend” is out now, stream here

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