Sophia Treadway shares breezy single “Cabo”

South Carolina-born artist Sophia Treadway has dropped off a new single, titled “Cabo”. Treadway, who moved often in her youth and lived in Memphis, Tennessee, California, and more, started out at the young age of 5 when she auditioned for her first show. After impressing judges with performance of Adele‘s “Rolling In The Deep”, she went on to work with renowned vocal instructor Bob Westbrook, and further her career with a victory at the national competition IPOP in 2014 and a performance in the main showcase at the Mike Beaty Model and Talent Expo in Dallas in 2017. Having recently released a string of engaging, sharply-crafted pop tracks like “Title” and “KissNTell”, she now returns with “Cabo”, a breezy, refreshing single with focused songwriting inspired by her recent journey to the locale.

On “Cabo”, watery, expansive keys, crunchy percussion, and rich bass create a relaxed yet vital backdrop for Treadway’s atmospheric, dynamic vocals. She delivers a series of silky melodies that build sleekly into a refined, memorable hook. With colorful, vivid instrumentation and sharp songwriting, “Cabo” is a track that embeds itself within the listener’s memory from the get-go.

“Cabo” presents a focused, lush offering from Sophia Treadway that puts her songwriting skills on full display. With an engaging weightlessness that provides replay value with its sleek sound, “Cabo” marks a continuation of her recent run of potent pop offerings.

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