Tedy’s new single is a “Twisted” banger

Bold rising vocalist Tedy has just delivered a brand new single “Twisted (I Hate Myself),” a cathartic anthem of vengeance that begins as a dream and progresses into a nightmare. The track comes ahead of Tedy’s forthcoming debut EP Boys Don’t Cry slated for release on September 11 and comes after a slew of strong promotional tracks.

As the title of this gut-punching new jam might indicate, Tedy’s latest effort is dark and raw, entailing the whirlwind of emotions following a nasty breakup. “Twisted” shows a powerful voice dismissing well wishes and civility, opting instead to croon and scream out intense feelings of despair. The result is memorable and striking to say the least.

“Twisted” kicks off smoothly, with some warm, soulful synth chords and sultry vocals from Tedy, who carries an incredible eloquence and emotion in his voice. The track quickly progresses to a darker tone, where a deeply vibrating bass voice kicks in and the lyrics entail a deep hatred and resentment for a past love. The refrain of being too “fucked up to wish you well,” grows in urgency as Tedy screams it louder and louder, bringing more passion each time. By the end, what could’ve been a pleasant goodbye has become a cruel good riddance, and the pain in Tedy’s voice is cemented into the airwaves.

“Twisted” shows a new level of honesty and vulnerability for Tedy, who has notable chops as both a dynamic singer and powerful songwriter. The track is a haunting journey of love, loss, and resentment, one that is instantly striking and long lasting. It poignantly details a sorrow that few are willing to express.

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