The Sizzos explore new wave indie with experimental new project “The Singles – Volume 1”

Hailing from Eugene in Oregon – The Sizzos return with an electrifying release that promises to captivate audiences once again, “Vol. 1 of the Singles Series.” Led by the ingenious singer-songwriter George Zaninovich, The Sizzos, have established itself as a beacon of musical innovation, garnering acclaim from critics and fans alike over the years. With two captivating tracks, “Wooden Bridge” and “Lizard Skin,” this release showcases Zaninovich’s 20 years of experience in crafting compelling music. Drawing on influences from the world of new-wave, indie and punk.

“Wooden Bridge” is a hauntingly beautiful collaboration with This Side of Wednesday, exploring themes of intention and loss. The poignant lyrics, coupled with ethereal vocals and driving bass, create an urgent, emotive narrative that resonates deeply. Meanwhile, “Lizard Skin” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, echoing the vibes of iconic bands like Tears for Fears and The Cure. Inspired by shared experiences as fathers, the instrumental track crafted with Dylan Lounsberry features exploratory guitar and string arrangements, delving into the nuances of parenthood.

Zaninovich’s intentional approach to soundstage and mixing adds layers of nuance to both tracks, The Sizzos invites listeners to find solace and connection in their music, promising a blend of heartfelt storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes that push the boundaries of creativity and artistry.

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