The Slice, Episode 99 [Hip Hop + R&B]

The Slice is a piece that gives readers a quick glimpse into a handful of musical releases from around the globe. These are songs that might have slipped under your radar but don’t worry, we are here to help you out.

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CD Spinz – “Rise”

Producer Jackie Marua connects with rapper CD Spinz for this insightful single titled “Rise”. Bolstered by the moody soundscape and punchy drum grooves, CD Spinz takes us on a journey filled with ups and downs that lead to character development and finding one’s true purpose.

Phalanx – “Tenacious”

UK emcee Phalanx breaks his musical hiatus with his latest release titled “Tenacious”. The hard-hitting Grime track is a display of verbal proficiency and confidence as Phalanx proceeds to wreak havoc over the dark cinematic soundscape laid before him.

Frank Wolff – “Waiting”

Frank Wolff is a singer-songwriter and producer from Amsterdam the Netherlands whose love for soul, jazz, old school hip-hop informs his style of music. His latest release “Waiting” is an ode to love and the yearning feeling of that special someone who brings sunshine and warmth into his life. Armed with his distinct falsetto vocal runs, Frank delivers a smooth dedication to love in this brilliant effort.

Ice Meez – “My Moment”

Ice Meez‘s newest release “My Moment” is a reflective and relatable tune that explores the concept of seizing the day and making the best out of the opportunities given. The guitar-driven soundscape is produced by Kato On The Track with additional vocals by Trill Lee.

Odaiba – “Come back”

Odaiba is the newest music brainchild of singer-songwriter Nicko who has  2 decades of working in the music industry. Now as a solo artist, he is channelling his true essence through warm, soulful offerings such as his latest piece titled “Come back”. The funk-soul-infused track is ripe with plucky guitar riffs, head-nodding grooves, warm pads and a pulsating bassline underpinned by Odaiba’s sultry melodic runs and a memorable hook to match.

Joy Bogat – “Milk and Honey”

Multi-talented singer-songwriter Joy Bogat gifts us with her newest offering titled “Milk and Honey” which serves as the focus track from her debut album Fabric of Dreams. The track was released to celebrate International Women’s Day and pays homage to the power of feminity while also tackling the objectification of female bodies. Over the solemn and haunting backdrop, Joy gives audiences a glimpse into the daily struggles women go through and how the larger world looks the other way but this time, she is taking charge and standing up.

SIMBO – “Everywhere”

Rising artist SIMBO teams up with J.Hoard for this lofi-soul collaboration titled “Everywhere”. The soothing and atmospheric soundscape is bolstered by shaping drum and soul-stirring melodic runs that explore the euphoric feeling of falling in love. The duo are not afraid to show their respective partners how they care and will go the extra mile for them.

Yaielle Golden – “Different Pages”

Uprising singer-songwriter and producer Yaielle Golden adds a solid entry to our list with “Different Pages”. The track has snapping trap drums and surreal textures that compliment her stylish and expressive melodic runs. Here, she reflects on going back to her lover and rectifying the broken love between them.

5onney D – “Under the Sun” (feat. Brandon Yancey)

Uprising artists 5onney D and Brandon Yancey team up for “Under the Sun”, a smooth future R&B track that details the emotions that come with finding love with that special someone who brightens up the day like the sun. The lush production is bolstered by its punchy drums, prevalent basslines and sultry melodies.

Adi Oasis x Danielle Ponder – “Dumpalltheguns”

Adi Oasis celebrates International Women’s Day with “Dumpalltheguns,” a powerful anthem for peace and gun control, featuring Danielle Ponder. This track from the deluxe edition of Lotus Glow emphasizes Adi’s commitment to social causes. Danielle praises Adi’s ability to inspire both dance and reflection, noting the song’s timely message. Adi admires Danielle’s impactful voice, comparing her to Nina Simone, and values her advocacy background, making her the ideal collaborator for this meaningful song.

Caspiana – “With you”

Singer Caspiana caught our ears with her latest single “With You” which sees her pouring her heart on wax. Over the lush Spanish guitar arrangement, Caspiana celebrates the power of a woman in love who is not afraid to show her vulnerability. “With You” is a perfect tribute to what pure love should be.

Rad Brown x Minor Birds x Opio – Pace Myself (feat. Opio, Minor Birds)”

Rad Brown’s debut single “Pace Myself” sees him teaming up with vocalist Minor Birds and legendary rapper Opio (Souls of Mischief, Hieroglyphics) for a motivational piece that implores audiences to pace themselves because life keeps moving regardless. The production has a future pop and experimental hip-hop aesthetic that works with Opio’s vivid and insightful lyricism alongside the haunting vocal rendition by Minor Birds.