Tony Baltimore explores the full range of his artistry on ‘Let’s All Go Insane’

Key West singer-songwriter Tony Baltimore drops self-reflective album Let’s All Go Insane, a collection of 11 tracks built on witty lyricism and jiving soundscapes ranging from warm acoustic folk to vintage rock’n’roll.

Opening with title track “Let’s All Go Insane,” the album sets itself up impressively with a layered, full instrumentation led by earthy brass sections and intricate beats. With his laid-back vocal style, framed by female harmonies, the track brings forth a joy that extends various moments throughout the full-length.

“Loot The Joint,” which was released as a single, is a late stage highlight in the album, coming in as the penultimate offering with pleasurable, high energyrock-n-roll. Meanwhile, the gentle acoustic feel of “Fly Alone,” flips the mood by revealing a softer, more emotive aspect of Baltimore’s grooving signature.

From the airy touches of “That Girls Got Eyes,” to the infectious energy and guitar lines of “Sit Still,” Let’s All Go Insanebrings the full expanse of Baltimore’s artistry to life, blending guitar, bass, drums, organs, keys, brass and melodic vocals altogether for an exciting sonic journey that you hope to never come to the end of.

With a musical career crafted between pillars of sheer hard work and raw talent, Tony Baltimore has propelled himself even further as an artist with this minimalistic and charming body of work.

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