UK Artist Con Cook blends Hip Hop & UK Garage on soulful “Take Time”

Returning with his latest single “Take Time,” is a mesmerizing blend of UK garage and rap from Con Cook. Hailing from the south west but now based in East London, Cook draws inspiration from the city’s vibrant underground music scene to create a sound that is uniquely his own. “Take Time” kicks off with infectious energy, its UK-Garage inspired beats setting the stage for what unfolds throughout the project.

It’s the latest track from a forthcoming EP, released on March 9th – Each track is a testament to his commitment to authenticity and honesty, with raw lyricism and distinctive production that captivates from start to finish.

As Cook himself explains, this project is more than just music—it’s a reflection of the past 8 months of his life, filled with change, growth, and meaningful connections. It’s a personal timestamp that speaks volumes about where he is both lyrically and sonically, embracing imperfection as a part of his artistic journey.

Speaking on the Project, Con Cook explains that “This project is a sonic embodiment of the last 8 months of my life. An extremely turbulent period that has brought with it many changes, lessons, pain, and a lot of beautiful moments with those closest to me. If nothing else, I want my music to be honest and authentic and I’m proud to reflect on my first body of work and hear that back. I’m nothing without those around me. The music is influenced not only by what I’ve been listening to, but by the people I’ve connected and worked with in that period as well. I think this project is quite a personal timestamp for me. It speaks both lyrically and sonically on where I am at the moment. I’m working hard. I’m embracing a lot of change and ultimately I’m still figuring everything out. It’s imperfect, and I like that about it.” – Con Cook

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