Vindigo spikes senses with new single “Subway”

Vindigo is a four-piece garage rock meets grunge band based out of Los Angeles. Their new release “Subway” is a rebellious reverie on the monotonous cycle of working a 9-5 job where no one cares who you really are. Showing their inner-core with visceral riffs that hit a nerve deep within and subliminally striking lyrics to match, “Subway” speaks in a language tailored to the present generation.

From the moment the track hits you with its grit-tinged hook, “Subway” will send you tumbling through its electric undertow. Burgeoning basslines beneath the surface cut through the vivid guitar riffs and pounding percussion at bay. Lead singer Dakota Brubaker sings, “Living in a world that’s made for killers / Got to find a way, a way to be better / I got to get away.” It’s a feeling we all can relate to. Feeling stuck in a cycle of inauthenticity with seemingly no way out, and yet, Vindigo’s art is exactly the fuel which lights the fire to break free.

Vindigo has graced the stage at popular Los Angeles venues including Viper Room, Hotel Cafe, the Peppermint Club, and Harvard and Stone to name a few. Preparing for the release of their debut EP Ur 4 Sale in January, “Subway” notes on similar themes of escapism, frustration, and a collective outcry for change. Listen to “Subway” for an infectious anthem from these talented rockers on the rise.

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