Zach James Douglas reflects on meaningful connections on EP ‘4×2’

Dublin songwriter and producer Zach James Douglas delivers vibrant four-track collection 4×2 weaving through themes of meaningful connections and intimacy amidst a pandemic, led by his enticing vocals and delicate instrumentation.

The EP comes to life with a balance of ambient electronics and luscious indie, each built upon a strong foundation of emotive delivery and thoughtful lyrics. From the electronic elements of “I’d Breathe For You,” “Vacant Days & Panic Attacks” and “Depths Of It,” imbuing us with a feeling of calm, fourth single “You’re Still Everything” shines bright with a heart-warming and infectious pop sound. With each track featuring a guest vocalist, Douglas brings a well-crafted, unique edge to every he offers up on 4×2.

Hard-hitting yet cushioned by his velvety musicality, the EP swerves away from the rising act’s signature of cathartic, autobiographical music, to whip up something incredibly relatable and resonant instead spanning feelings of doubt, shame, anger and helplessness rooted in kinship of having experienced all of this as a global community.

Speaking of the EP, he said, “With this EP, given that we were collectively living in a unique moment in time, within this one shared experience, where every person was dealing with the same fears, the same constant uncertainty and carried a similar uneasy sense of hope that things were eventually going to get better, I felt I had to step outside of my own little bubble and try to write about something a little more universal.”

Moving from intimate explorations into expansive narratives, Zach James Douglas is an exciting act to keep your heart and ears open for.

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