Zanski releases the future electronic single “Consequence”

DIY creative Zanski shares the sleek, self-produced single “Consequence”. Combining melodious R&B intimacies with future electronics, the vocalist and producer creates an uplifting ode to self-acceptance and overcoming inner demons. Featuring elegant guitar plucks, the track is a soul-soothing number. 

Hailing from Toronto, Zanski mixes the finest tunes. With fizzy electronic pulses and lush sequences, “Consequence” is a delicate lo-fi track enhancing the genre-blurring abilites of the producer. Scattered with askewed vocals, the single captures the emotions of facing who you truly are. “‘Consequence’ is a song about self-acceptance in the face of overwhelming internal struggle,” explains Zanski. “It parallels themes of obsession and compulsion, and being able to accept that you are valid in spire of this friction and that you can escape.”

“Consequence” is the perfect soundtrack to hazy mornings. Let the lustrous sounds wash over your thoughts and feelings and help to renew, ready for the world in front of you.

Zanski’s EP Upon Frigid Water is out later this year. It’s one to watch out for, trust me.

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