Zohh reps his city in “Locced In”

Hailing from Los Angeles County (South Central and Compton to be exact), upcoming hip-hop artist Zohh is preparing to turn heads with his music, while showing love for his city. Growing up in LA, Zohh was surrounded by all types of different artists, and the cities’ strong impact on music culture. “I knew I wanted to become an artist when I saw the impact that music can have on all types of different individuals”, the artist stated. With a versatile background, Zohh was easily able to create music based on where he’s from while tapping into a music genre some call “backpack rap”.

Zohh teamed up with Compton-based rapper Da Bully on his newest single – “Locced In” – to show he’s locked in with where he’s from specifically. He also worked with the Stinc Team to show where he’s from generally when it comes to the LA sound. An artist that can’t be tied to one genre, Locced In is a track that adds to his creative discography. Tapping into that Compton rap sound makes the track what it is – it’s more than a sound, it’s an origin story so to speak. We’re excited to follow Zohh in his journey as he adds to his versatility when it comes to his craft.

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